Reorganization of Freehold Township Leadership for 2016

January 5th, 2016 Reorganization of Freehold Township Leadership

Beginning every year, as decreed by its voters in the past election, the leadership of Freehold Township reorganizes itself. The Township Committee selects a new mayor and deputy mayor from among itself to serve in the ensuing year. Along with appropriate oaths being administered to these individuals is the swearing in of recently elected Committee members as well.

For 2016, Barbara McMorrow will serve as Freehold Township mayor and Lester Preston as the deputy mayor.

Barbara McMurrow being sworn in by Sheriff Golden

Mayor Barbara McMorrow accepts her oath administered by Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden. Standing beside her is husband Patrick McM0rr0w.

Ms. McMorrow, as a former resident of Freehold Borough and currently longtime resident of Freehold Township, has an extensive and respected history of service and dedication to Monmouth County. 

Both as an educator in Freehold Borough High School and retiring as principal of Howell High School, she has helped shape many of our children.

Additionally, Barbara has an esteemed history of public service. As a Democrat, she was a former Councilwoman and Council President of Freehold Borough; Monmouth County Freeholder as well as it’s 2nd woman Director. More recently, a Republican, she has been appointed, and on numerous occasions, elected to the Freehold Township Committee. As in 2016, she has previously served as Mayor. Her list of achievements, appointments to committees and such go on and on.

Apparent throughout her background is a history of treating citizens as neighbors. Barbara does not separate individuals along political lines, religious backgrounds, racial divides, gender, age or economic status. She just sees and treats them as people, with a deep respect and reverence. You’ll know she’s in the room by her smile and style.


Lester Preston being Sworn in Judge Kondrup-Coyle

Deputy Mayor Lester Preston has confirmed his commitment by accepting the Oath of office as Deputy Mayor being administered by Superior Court Judge Theresa Kondrup-Coyle.

Although Deputy Mayor Preston’s elected career began with his first term on the Township Committee in 2015, he is not new to committing to the citizens of Freehold Township. Lester has been a member of the Freehold Fire Department for over 27 years. With his formidable and strong background as a Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer in the private sector, he has brought his wisdom, talent, leadership and coaching abilities to many community organizations such as the Freehold Township Recreation Commission and Freehold Soccer League, to name a few.

He also provides time, expertise, leadership and financial commitment to a local charity. The Graeme Preston Foundation for Life awards scholarships and provides financial support to deserving local community activities. You know Lester is in the room by his eagerness and energy.


Returning to serve on the Township Committee after a resounding election are Anthony Ammiano, for his 16th year, and Thomas Cook, his 4th.  Anthony is being sworn in by Monmouth County Freeholder Thomas A. Arnone and Tom by Superior Court Judge Theresa Kondrup-Coyle.

Anthony Ammiano being sworn in by Freeholder ArnoneThomas Cook being Sworn in Judge Kondrup-Coyle


Along with Committeeman David Salkin, this is the Freehold Township leadership for 2016.

You know they are in the room by their teamwork, long history of leading one the best recognized municipalities for its excellence, overwhelming citizen support and approval, and being around all the time, not just during the election campaign.

Township Committee

You too can be in the room on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month to witness their teamwork first hand. Check the website for more information at:

Deepest Sadness on the death of Sandra Tucker



Fellow County Committee Members and Township Committee,

It is with sadness to inform you of the passing of the wife of our fellow County Committeeman, Michael Tucker. His wife, Sandra Tucker, died early morning on Monday, June 15 from complications due to a recent heart operation.

Michael has been the County Committeeman for District 21 (Raintree) for many years.  Even though Mike has physical limitations, he is always present for our County Committee meetings and supports our Candidates.  He is truly an upstanding individual and this loss is going to be very difficult for him.

Below is the information for services and Shiva for Sandra Tucker.  If you cannot attend the Shiva, perhaps you can pay your respects to Mike and his family by sending a sympathy card to him.  This is a time when we need to show Mike our support.

If you have any questions, please contact either Chairman Graziano or Debbie Aurilia.

Time:         7Am to 9AM is Shiva with services scheduled for 8PM at the same location

Location:        Mike’s daughter’s home at 10 Liberty Rd, Marlboro, NJ 07746

In lieu of any personal donations or flowers,  the Tucker family would like a donation in the name of Sandra Tucker to your favorite charity.

If you’d like to send a sympathy card, Mike’s address is below:

Michael Tucker, 79 Aspen Lane, Freehold, NJ 07728

2015 – Freehold Township Republican Club Leadership


President: Josh Elkes

1st Vice President: Corey Folta

2nd Vice President: Jeanette Coburn

Recording Secretary: Phyllis Jones

Corresponding Secretary: John Bazzurro

Treasurer: Sherry Gaffey

Directors:  Mike Schiff and Debbie Aurilla