March 23rd Meeting- Enhancing Awareness of the Club – Mayor Cook’s potholes update, Committeewomen McMorrow’s announcements

March 23rd, 2015 – Corey Folta, the Clubs’ First Vice President facilitated the meeting soliciting members ideas to encourage more future attendance. Along with a variety of ideas enhancing awareness of the club, expanding current announcements in newspapers, mailings and other broadcast opportunities, special events were offered for consideration. Mayor Thomas Cook discussed a number of current township issues and focused on the effects of recent snow storms. He spoke of efforts repairing township roadway “pot holes” being hampered by the difficulty in obtaining asphalt resulting from the competitive demand by other municipalities. He spoke of residents’ calls often needed to be informed that some of the area they’re calling about are state and county roads which our Township is prohibited to address. However, while those are being pursued with the respective agencies, they are asked to contact appropriate agencies as well. Committeewomen Barbara McMorrow announced the The Affordable Care Act is it working in New Jersey?” event being held at Monmouth University and the Evening Honoring County Clerk Clair French’s retirement after 35 years of public service on Tuesday, April 28th.

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