Freehold Airport


Freehold J3Cub
What, you haven’t heard that Freehold has an airport? Well rest assured, there is such a thing. You can in fact join the Nutmeg Club Association of Freehold at their open house on Sunday, May 31st and even win a free glider ride. They’ve been around since 1956. Or, you might want to attend the 2015 Blue Grass Event in August sponsored by the Freehold Airport Association.
If you are planning to visit Freehold Airport, the trip will probably take 2½ hours from Freehold. That’s because Freehold Airport is in the Catskill region of New York. Yes, the airport is in Freehold, New York.
So if you’re inclined to visit as I have, check out the website for the Nutmeg Association or The Freehold Airport Association.

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