November 16th – Freehold Deputy Mayor Anthony Ammiano stepped in for the Scheduled Guest Speaker John Curley, Monmouth County Freeholder

November 16th, 2015 – Freehold Township Deputy Mayor Anthony Ammiano stepped in for the scheduled speaker, John Curly, Monmouth County Freeholder, who was unable to attend because of illness.

Mr. Ammiano, being newly reelected to the Freehold Township Committee, spoke about the dynamics of the recent election campaign. While he and Mayor Thomas Cook were reelected to the Township Committee, and John Curley and Christine Giordano Hanlon, were also successful for their county positions, the candidates for the New Jersey Assembly, Caroline Casagrande and Mary Pat Angelini were not.

Both he and Mr. Cook felt that the anticipated low voter turnout, and State issues related to the Governor strongly contended by PACs, while not the only factor, was major factor in their defeat. Mr. Ammiano felt that perhaps more visibility of these candidates in certain municipalities may have overcome the close margins in their outcomes.

Messrs. Ammiano and Cook thanked everyone for their support, and were looking forward to the upcoming year, along with the rest of the Township Committee, Messrs. Lester Preston,and David Salkin, and Ms. Barbara McMurrow, in continuing to make Freehold Township a model place for its residents.

Club Board Member Corey Folta announced that the December meeting would be suspended for the upcoming holidays and that telephone calls, email and text messages, along with posts on the Freehold Township Republican Club Website and Facebook will announce the speaker and details of the January 18th, 2016 meeting.

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