March 27th, 2017 Meeting , iPlayAmerica, Freehold Township – Lillian Burry, Monmouth County Freeholder Director Lillian Burry and Patrick Impreveduto, Holmdel Township Committeeman address the Freehold Township Republican Club focusing on their backgrounds and experience, and their focus as elected officials in continuing the positive reputation on Monmouth County.

 Ms. Burry expressed her gratefulness in the opportunity to serve the public for over 35 years. She especially shared her beginnings in the Matawan leadership in contributing on environmental issues such as the Imperial Oil dumping waste oil in the Burnt Fly Bog water aquifer which also affected the well-being of Aberdeen, Marlboro and Holmdel. This circumstance created the first major Super Fund site in country. Now many years later, that site has been made safe and reclaimed as a recreation park.

As she moved onto Colts Neck and joined its leadership, Lilian, likened to Freehold Township’s principals, expanded her focus on farmland reclamation and retention of open space.

Ms. Burry was called upon to run for Freeholder, when there was doubt a Republican candidate succeeding during the turbulence of “Big Rig”. However, because of her reputation of integrity and hard work, she prevailed and has served as a Freeholder since 2005.

Her commitment, passion, drive and overwhelming support inspires her to seek reelection and continue to serve the residents of Monmouth County.



Patrick Impreveduto, acknowledged appreciation to be her running mate and spoke of his career in education since 1974. He began his political calling in the early “80’s” by serving on an education committee for the then US Senator Robert Torricelli. Patrick joined the Republican Party upon moving to Monmouth County, and lauded upon witnessing the many accomplishments of the Freeholders, such as keeping expenses and taxes in check, the wonder of its parks and libraries, the professionalism of the Sheriff’s department, just to name a few. His hope is to add a “fresh perspective” to what already exists. His vision of politics is global in wanting to get everyone involved. His personal commitment is to listen to the residents he represents, and promised to give an “ear” to all in the county throughout his tenure when elected.


Along with the presentations and dinner, there was a birthday cake celebrating club member, county committee-person, former primary candidate for Governor and U.S. Senator, Rich Pezzullo on his 59th birthday.



March 27, 2017 Meeting – Freehold Township Republican Club Meeting – Monmouth County Freeholder Director Lillian Burry and Holmdel Township Committeeman, Patrick Impreveduto will be the guest speakers.

March 27th, 2017 Meeting – Freehold Township Republican Club Meeting – Monmouth County Freeholder Director Lillian Burry and Holmdel Township Committeeman, Patrick Impreveduto will be the guest speakers.

The meeting will begin with a buffet dinner at 6:30 P.M. at iPlay America  located at the intersection of Schanck and Route 9 South.  Soft drinks are included.  Please note the change in location from our prior meetings.

Lillian Burry, born in New York City, majoring in both Political Science and History graduated cum Laude from Wagner College. She and her husband Donald settled and raised their family in Monmouth County where she began her public service career elected to local government leadership position in both Matawan and Colts Neck. Lillian has a number of firsts which include being the the first women elected to the Matawan Borough Council. where she assisted in restoring Borough Hall, securing wetlands with 80 percent funding from the state Green Acres Program, fighting environmental hazard dumping at the Burnt Fly Bog, headed historic preservation programs.

Of course Lillian brought her talents and untiring service to residents when she moved Colts Neck. She served three terms on Township Committee as a Committeewoman, Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Her experience as a member of the Planning Board, Long-Range Planning Committee, Litigation Steering, Architectural Review, Buildings & Grounds, Finance, Affordable Housing, Environmental Commission and the Farmland, Open Space & Historic Preservation Program, prepared her for the next step in serving the residents of Monmouth County.

Succeeding our own Freehold Township Committeewoman Barbara McMorrow, Ms. Burry was elected to her first three-year term on the Board of Chosen Freeholders in the November 2005 general election. On November 4, 2008 she was elected to a second term, and a third term November 2011 and in her current fourth term in 2014.

She is seeking her fifth term this coming election in November 2017.


Patrick Impreveduto, along with his wife Judy have resided in Holmdel since 1984. Married for over 36 years and raising two children to adulthood, Patrick has been a major asset to the community reaching well beyond Holmdel.

He retired from the Secaucus School District in 2010 where he was a School Principal, and recently serves as an Associate Director for the Middle States Association for Schools and Colleges.

His strong background as an Educator has served the Board of Education and being a part Holmdel’s inner workings for over a decade continues his ability to be a strong force behind keeping his community as one of New Jersey’s most desirable places to live.

He has Co-Chaired Public Works, Administration, and Finance Committees and also served as Chairman of the Planning Board, and Deputy Mayor for a number of terms.

By seeking his first term as a Monmouth County Freeholder, Patrick is now looking for an opportunity to put his stamp in helping to continue making Monmouth County as one of New Jersey’s most desirable places to live as well.

Join us for this great opportunity to meet our Freeholder candidates and enjoy a nice evening out.